“The Unknown Future” 2003 France

The Unknown Future

A man – the Father – leads three ponies. Each pony carries his son.
The smallest pony pulls a small buggy. A boy rides the buggy.

“George, what are you going to be when you grow up?”

the oldest brother riding the pony asks the brother next to him.

“Me, I want to be a chef. A three-star chef.”
“You can’t be a chef, you can’t even catch a fish.”

Two brothers begin to quarrel.

“I’m okay with dead fish, we only use dead fish for cooking!”
“That’s disgusting! You’re going to cook dead fish?”
“Isn’t it right, we only cook dead fish?”

Laughing, the oldest brother says,

“You’re right. It’s cruel to cook a live fish…”

The youngest brother whispers, his voice erased by his two older brothers conversing,
and with the wheels of the buggy.

“I… I want to be a doctor. I want to make my sister better. “

The father hears the whisper.
The father does not say anything; he is happy by the tight bond of his family,
and keeps walking.


「アンノウン・フューチャー」 2003年フランス





「うえええ、死んだ魚を料理するのかい? 気持ちわりいな」
「だっとそうだろ? ねえお兄さん、料理する魚は死んでるでしょう?」