“The Rye Field And The Sky” 2009 Scotland

The Rye Field And The Sky

“Where’s mama coming from?”

The boy jumps around, crisscrossing the sidewalk, restlessly looking around for something.

The man leans against the fence and stares at the southern exit of th station. He does not seem to be looking for someone, but is staring intently at one place. He knows that no one will come, no matter how long he waits, but he does not want the boy to know this. He forces a smile and pretends that she is coming from the southern exit.

“In the letter, it said that she’s coming at four o’clock. It’s already past four!”

The boy looks at the clock tower again and again.

“Oh, there she is! Oh… that’s not Mama. She wouldn’t wear something like that – looks like a big walking carrot!”

He can’t help but to laugh at the boy’s comment.

“A walking carrot… that’s nice. We’ll need a big pot to make a soup out of that.”


「ライ麦と空」 2009年 スコットランド







「あっ! 来た!  違った、ママじゃなかった。ママはあんな洋服は着ないね。