“Romantic Gunshot” 2009 Scotland

Romantic Gunshot

“Look at him,”

A man points at a man in suite walking on the other side of the street.

He suddenly throws the beer bottle at the man.
It crashes and breaks into smithereen on the street. The suited man looks in surprise and glances this way, but pretending he does not see it, he keeps walking away.


The man yells. The suited man, as soon as he heard it, runs away.

He clicks his tonge in disgust, and yells out to his friends,

“Shit, let’s go to a pub.”

“Thanks to guys like him working and paying taxes, we can keep going….”
“Yeah, that’s right, that’s right. He better keep working hard.”

The man grabs the beer a woman has been drinking, and drinks it down in one gulp.

“I sure ain’t planning to stay in this shit life of mine.”

「ロマンティックガンショット」2009年 スコットランド




ガシャン! と道路のうえで破裂するように割れた。スーツ男は一瞬おどろいて、


「クソやろう! 」