“Looking For A Home” 2009 Scotland

looking for a home

“Do they have a pool at the house we are going to go see today?”

Three of them walk the sidewalk:
the daughter, happy;
the son, reluctant;
and the mother, tired.

“There was a pool at the house where we went last week, but you didn’t like it…” The mother grabs hold of her daughter and tenderly runs her hand through the soft hair.

“Mama, there was no skylight! If there’s no skylight, I can’t talk with Api…”
The daughter takes her mother’s hand in hers, and presses it against her heart.

“Oh yes, Api… Your imaginary friend,” says the mother.

The son, in a bad mood, looks at his sister and says, “You know Api doesn’t exist! I’ve never seen her!”

“She does, too! If there’s a skylight, she can enter through it… You can see her during the starry night!”


「わたしたちの家」 2009年スコットランド