“Grandmother’s Treasures” 2011 France

Grandmother's tresures

“Look at that girl. Oh dear, she sure has an ugly body.”

“She looks like the dog next door. Unfriendly.”

“You should teach her what a real woman is.”
“Oh la la, if I strip here, I’m going to stop the traffic.”
“Ha, the policemen will come in troves.

They are both carrying so much cash in their bags.

“We can go anywhere. So what if we can’t go to Nice.”
“I’d like to see La Ciota.”
“Do you think we’ll see the Lumiere brothers?”
“Maybe they’ll ask us to act in their film.”

The old ladies look longingly at a man they pass by.

“We’re really not traveling, are we?”
“You’re looking for your son, right? I knew it all along.”

“I’ll go with you. There’s nothing good on TV anyways.”


「世界遺産をさがして」 2011年フランス