“Good Bye, Let’s Meet In Aachen.” 2008 Germany

Good-bye, Let's meet in archen.

A woman looks at the train schedule intently. A man bumps into her from behind.

“I’m so sorry. Do you need help with where you are going?”
“I’m sorry as well. Oh no, no. I’m wondering whether I should get on the train or not.”

He begins to walk away, but for some reason, there’s something about her that catches his attention. He glances back at her.
She looks up at the clock. In a voice so quiet, she whispers,

“Probably, I’m making the wrong decision…”

He looks at the train schedule she had been intently staring at, and without taking his eyes off of the board, asks her,

“Which train are you getting on?”

She looks up at the schedule once again and whispers,

“The next one to Liege.”

He looks at her,

“Same here.”

In his hand, he carries a paperback copy of a Fitzgerald novel.


「アーヘンで逢いましょう」2008年 ドイツ