“accelerando” 2009 Scotland


A girl runs down the stairs and opens the front door. As soon as she sees her father coming out of the living room, she says,

“My piano teacher told me I’m good. She praised me yesterday, for the first time.”

She moves her fingers over an imaginary keyboard, looking happy.

“So what did you do so well that she praised you”, he asks as he looks for the house key, then turns to look at her.

The girl, smiling, keeps pretending to play the piano.

“Here, this measure. I kept forgetting to play one note, but yesterday…”

She keeps playing the piece, again and again, as if to prove to him that she can really play.

“I did it perfectly yesterday,” she says a little shyly.

“I wonder what made you play so well,” Father says, and hands her the stuffed rabbit toy.

She does not reply to him; instead, she walks outside and points to the street.

“Oh look, Uncle Vincent is here!”


「アッチェレランド」 2009年スコットランド